3 Easy Methods to Measure Performance of Facebook Ads for In-Store Restaurant Sales

3 Easy Methods to Measure Performance of Facebook Ads for In-Store Restaurant Sales


Social media plays a massive part in most business marketing strategies these days and restaurants are not the exception.

It is important that you are not running social media ads just for the sake of it, you want to see if they are having a positive effect on your sales.

Here are three methods by which you can measure the performance of your Facebook ad campaigns on your in-store sales.

1. Use the Facebook Offer Feature

Facebook now allow you to have a discount offer directly integrated into a post on Facebook, which allows you to measure how many people avail of this offer.

If a user sees the ad and they are interested, they will click ‘Claim Offer.’ These users will also have the opportunity to share this deal with their friends and followers, allowing your deal to be get further reach. Similar to a regular Facebook ad, you can specifically ‘hyper-target’ certain demographics with the Facebook Offer feature. Example being Mum’s with children aged between x & x within a 3 Mile radius of your store location and that have a serious interest in Indian Cuisine.

2. Utilise Your Website Analytics

When you are directing users to your website using Facebook Ads, using your specific website analytics package and a Facebook pixel, you can track what these users do on your site.

You can look at whether or not these users made a reservation, bought something, signed up for your newsletter etc. You can also use this user data to re-target them later on. Where that be using Google Adwords, Instagram or Facebook again. Re-targeting is perfect because you already know that who you are targeting already shows interest in your product.

3. Utilise Discount Codes, Email Offers and Password Marketing

By utilising these different approaches you can compare the performance of different marketing channels. This could be measuring your sales conversions by comparing Facebook with Instagram etc.

You will have specific codes for each platform or channel and once they have been redeemed you can analyse the results and adjust your strategy if needed. You will want to place a heavier emphasis on the channel that is producing the best relative results.

During our numerous campaigns, Facebook has always boasted the best ROI per pound spent. A recent campaign cost a client just £0.16p per Claim with a total of 496 Offer Claims. Of that total number, about 400 people attended on various dates all spending the minimum set menu fee of £31.95. And if you quickly pull out your calculate, you can that the campaign was a success and brought on a solid return on investment. Paying of our service fee’s, ad spend and then leaving left over a substantial profit.

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