Specialist Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook offers benefits that outstrip virtually all other social media platforms. On the one hand, Facebook provides truly massive reach, since it is used by well over a billion active users each month!  Even with that mammoth statistic, the level of intelligence collected by Facebook on their users allows for remarkable granular Ad targeting.

By advertising on Facebook, your business can reach out to its ideal target audiences when they are relaxing, and thus most receptive to your message. Ads are targeted using Facebook profile information including users age, location, education, relationship status, interests (favourite movies, hobbies, music etc), liked pages and much more. Plus, your advertising drives customers to engage with your own Facebook presence, whose organic posts and related activities synergise with your paid efforts.

We don’t only create the idea’s, the copy, imagery and captivating headlines – we create bespoke and purpose built landing pages to increase conversion rates. Dependant on the objective, we can capture qualified leads, funnel instant purchases or book customers into appointments.

Google AdWords – PPC

 By applying targeted advertising directly to your consumers when they are searching for what your business and brand provides, PPC campaigns with Google lets you find new customers and re-engage loyal ones. AdWords on Google lets customers find you right when they are ready to purchase. Not only can you capture their attention when they are ready to buy, but also defend your brand against other close competitors.

We conduct all of the necessary research for long-tail and short keywords, analyse what works for your competitors, construct bespoke landing pages, help formulate your budget and fully manage it to ensure ROI. We utilise industry recognised tools to measure and analyse every aspect of your Adword campaign before, during and after. All data collected provides invaluable information to create even more effective campaigns.

Ad Only Packages require a minimum Ad Budget of £500.00.

If your unsure on how to budget for Facebook or Google Advertising, get in touch for free consultation.

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