Tier 1

This monthly Teir 1 marketing package covers reputation and brand management for your company image online with a primary focus to increase brand awareness, boost  customer engagement, and drive local & global traffic to you. Platforms included in the AA Package cover all ‘brand suitable’ Social Media Platforms, Google Listings, Web Directories and Review pages relative to your company & market. Social Media alone has the power to generate hundreds if not thousands of qualified leads and loyal customers. And we can give this to you for less than the cost of a full time employee!

Tier 2

Why so serious? Because you understand that having a Digital Marketing Strategy is necessary to grow your business. This package takes it a step further. With all the AA Package services included, the So Serious Package goes further and incorporates Website SEO & SEM strategy and execution. We don’t just generate emails and leads as we do in the AA Package, here we provide a full Email Marketing service to manage and engage with your customers for you. The So Serious package is more suitable when considering Google AdWords and larger more complex Facebook Ad campaigns than in the AA Package. This package allows us to interact with your market on multiple platforms simultaneously, giving you the opportunity to utilise our Inbound Marketing strategy.

Tier 3

The Enterprise Package offers Digital Marketing and Management for brands established nationally and/or globally. We will be your Digital Marketing Gurus responsible for all of your online reputation and growth. Creating and executing on innovative multi-platform marketing campaigns will be valued equally important as portraying your company image wherever it my appear on the web. This package is tailored toward brands with large Ad budgets looking to compete at the top end of the scale.

Specialist Facebook Advertisement & Google Adwords

This Package is exactly as it sounds. No management or maintenance of social media accounts, websites, review sites or directories. This package will provide brands specialist Ad services on Facebook and Google AdWords. We conduct thorough keyword and demographic research to create and execute on a multitude of Ad campaigns to meet purposeful objectives. Be it to raise local/global awareness, incentivise customer engagement, increase event attendance, gain more likes/followers, but primarily to increase sales & revenue.


Unsure what Package is best for you?