Did you know that over 80% of people check their smart phones before they even brush their teeth in the morning? The top three things that are checked first thing in the morning are text messages, social media and emails. If the average person is checking on their online accounts that much, why not invest in professional email marketing?

Email Marketing is still one of the top performing digital marketing methods available today. Gone are the days of repetitive ‘spammy’ emails full of cheap promotions and emails for the sake of emails.
Newformmedia provide a creative and professional approach to modern day email marketing. From understanding the psychology of content and subject writing to the nifty technical tricks that increase open rates and customer conversions.
Our Email Marketing Services Includes:                                                                            email marketing
  • Activity Monitoring (Open Rates/Click-Through Rates/Who Opened/Whats Being Clicked)
  • Construction of Emails that Adhere to Strict Anti-Spam Rules
  • Regular Content Creation (that can also be used on other platforms – e.g social media/website)
  • Execution of Small to Large & Multi-Platform Email Campaigns
  • Use of Proven Content Writing and Email Structure Strategies that Get Emails Opened
  • Management and Qualification Of Email Lists
  • Planning, Proposing and Executing Contests/Quizzes/Articles/Discounts/Giveaways
  • Email Optimisation for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone